Copying Drawing Layers from one Harmony file to another Harmony file.

I’m using Harmony 10 and I was wondering does anyone know how to copy a Harmony drawing layer and it’s info to another Harmony file. Basically, I’ve created a logo sliding in animation and I want to reuse that same animation in another Harmony file without have to reanimate the logo. Can anyone help with this dilemma, please?

To make drawing layers available to other projects:

  1. In Library window select folder, right-click and choose Right to Modify
  2. Create a new folder if you prefer. Right-click, choose New Folder. Make sure that the triangle is pointing down to see the new folder in the hierarchy.
  3. Select the Parent (or Peg if present) of the Drawing Layer of the Timeline window and drag it to the folder in the Library. You do not have to select the frames. They will be included if you only select the drawing layer from the left side of the Timeline.

When you want to access this file from another project you will select the general Library folder icon in the Library window, enable Right to Modify, afterwards right-click and choose Open Library which will open a window from which to track down this folder containing the desired content. Its immediate location will depend on where you saved it. If you manage the folders ideally the folder will be a sub-folder within a main directory where all such folders can be easily accessed. Finally, drag the file to the Timeline or Camera View windows of the new project.

You can also open a second Stage and copy and paste from one Stage to another.

Thank you so much for your help! Everything is working great…thanks again for your help.

Thank you jR_5040, both of you guys are awesome!