Copying cells

Hello, I’m using TBS 6, on a MAC 10.6.8. I don’t know if there is a thread for my specific problem.
I just recently upgraded my OSX, and installed my TBS. I noticed a change in TBS. Now,working on Exposure sheet, I want to copy and paste cells in the same Element, but instead of having the same cell/object number in the element, it is copied as a new object, even if I use the shorcut for simple pasting. No matter what path I take, it is impossible to do simple copy/paste. It is always recognized as copy/paste new element. What is wrong with it? Please help, I’m working on an urgent animation!!

And, just noticed that the only way to get my TBS to do what it is supposed to do is to go to the “create advanced cycle” function, and pick the same drawing as first and last drawing for creating a “cycle” of only one frame. Of course I don’t want to do this every time I want to do simple copy/paste in the same element!

It works fine on me on 10.7 and even 10.8. It should be never different.
If you are considering only copying and pasting the timing (drawings are the same), select the cell or cells in range while holding Shift key and then use shortcut or right click (or control click) to select ‘copy cell’ and then select the cell you want to paste it to and right click to ‘paste cell’.
Do not mix with ‘paste new object’ in the command list (shortcut: Shift + Command + V). If the shortcut you have used is Command + V but still crates it as a new object, check the configuration of the shortcut in Toon Boom Studio as well as in your system key setting if there is any changes.

Thanks, checking that shortcut configuration! :wink: