Copying and Pasting A Drawing on the same frame

When I select a drawing and C/P it on to the same frame that the drawing originally belongs to, the pasted version is moved over from the original drawing. I want to make it that it is pasted directed on top and not to the side. I looked in preferences but I couldn’t find anything to fix this. Here is a example:

See in the picture how the pasted drawing is to the side? I want it to be on top of the original so that it is easier to make flips that are perpendicular to each other.

If your drawing is on lineart, switch over to color/overlay/underlay and paste, and it will paste in place. You can then flip it/move it, and then copy/paste back onto lineart if you need it to be there.

That is very cool to know.

This is another thing that makes me wonder why it is offset like that.

I understand why it must be pasted precisely onto the Underlay, Colour Art and Overlay Layers because those are typically components of a single drawing.

I guess TB had it paste offset so people would clearly see the pasted copy and it would not risk getting mixed up with the original.

I can live with this. You can nudge it or do the layer thing in about the same number of extra steps. But I can think of times when I would need it done with precision and the extra steps would be a burden.

I’m a bit confused. I’m using Toon Boom Harmony Essentials, and I can not find these overlay/underlay etc. options. How do I navigate to these options? I looked on the Toon Boom info about this and I still can’t find the options. I’m thinking it’s not available for my version of Toon Boom… This is the website:

Unfortunately Essentials does not offer the Overlay and Underlay layers and even though it does create Line Art and Colour Art layers there is not any way to access them like you can in Premium and Advanced. In Essentials you have one art layer to actually work with whereas you have four in the others.

Well, that explains it. Thanks. But does anybody else know a way to make the copy/paste thing right in essentials?

The only instance where it pastes offset is when you immediately paste it on the same frame. An alternative to using the missing art layers is to paste the drawing on a different, or even better a blank, frame. Once you have pasted it to a different/blank frame you can either use Undo or Cut to remove it. Then go to the frame you wish to place it on and paste it there. It will not be offset this time.

It was a good attempt, but it still doesn’t fit my needs. Thanks anyway haha, guess I’ll just have to stick with the crooked pastes.