copying a scene

Hello all,

I am new to TBS, and would like to ask a question about scene creating and management. I searched for an answer in the forum but with no luck.

Can one copy an entire scene and rename it for later modification? I mean in the same movie project, if I wanted a scene that is similar to the previous one but with slight modification can I do that? In other words, without having to import my drawings individually and arrange them with pegs like the scene I wanted it to look like?

Looking forward to hear an answer please :’(

Please have a look at JK’s “Tips and Tricks”;action=display;threadid=2631

under “Using Libraries in Toon Boom Studio” you’ll find everything very well explained.


Dear Nolan, many thanks for replying to my question. I will check that link and let you know if it answered my query.



Dear Nolan, obviously I am still in a baby stage of working with TBS. Although I found the link useful for other tricks and tips, I did not find it so for my question. Can I copy and paste a whole contents of a scene to another scene in the same project, I mean with the peg motion and the drawins etc?


I once did a movie where I did this the hard way…

All you have to do is create a peg in your timeline, then drop everything else (even the camera and other pegs) onto the new master peg. Do this by selecting all your elements in the timeline and dropping them onto the new peg. This way they keep their order and should also keep their properties. Then collapse the master peg so all its subordinate parts are hidden and drop it in the global library. When you want to use the scene again, drag it from the global library to a fresh scene.

Hope that works :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob, that sounds good and looks like it actually will answer my question. However, only if the changes I make later on the copied scene does not show on the original one!!!

I will let you know how it goes.

I think I am begining to fall in love with TBS. Hopefully my project looks as good as I want it to be.

Regards and thank you all for being friendly and helpful.


As a general rule, templates are just that. You save a template to your global library and then you can use that template in future animation work in the same or other projects. Once you use a template in a project that usage becomes independent from the source template. That means that if you change the template in your library it will not change previous usages of that same template, obviously it will effect future usages. And if you modify the usage in your project it does not change the source template in your global library. They are not linked. If you want to have linkage between source materials and usages you must use media elements which provide for that type of linkage. -JK

Hey Rob, guess what? It works!!! Yippiii

You can’t imagine how happy with the solution you suggested. Thank you a million times.

And JK, I find your Tips very helpful indeed. Many thanks to you too. But when you say template do you mean the whole elements from a scene or just drawings? Thanks again.

Glad the tips are helpful, as to the term template, in Toon Boom a template can be as simple as a single cell and as complex as an entire scene including the sound ect. Templates are applied to animation projects as copies and once applied they are unique and can be modified without fear of changing the original. This is a bit confusing to people familiar with Flash because they try to relate templates to symbols. They aren’t the same thing. So templates are a great way to store and save assets that you want to use again in the same or future projects. Just be careful to understand that when you apply a template you are creating an exact copy of the template that from that point forward is independent and unique. Of course you can edit templates to keep them current but that has no effect on previously made copies applied to your animation projects. If you want to link assets to your projects so you can make edits that will flow through to previous instances you must use media elements. One other reason for using media elements is that the linked asset reduces file size versus a copy of a template. -JK