copying a drawing from a layer to other layers

I want to copy a drawing from one of the layers in the timeline to another layer, but, it would paste a wrong,random drawing when I apply a copied
drawing to a layer. It pastes the right. drawing only if I create a new drawing layer.

What if I want to paste a drawing to a layer that already has other drawings on?

Thank you much for the explanation!! It helps a lot. Now I see why the problem happened.

Thank you!

If you select cells of a drawing layer in the timeline and copy them, what you are actually copying is a reference to a drawing. Say you copy a drawing on frame 5 of your animation from one layer. By default that drawing is called “drawing 5” (or something similar). When you copy it by selecting cells in the timeline, you only copy the names of the exposures. If you paste it somewhere in the same drawing layer, it pastes the reference to drawing 5, and harmony looks in that drawing layer, and displays whatever drawing is called drawing 5.
If you paste it into the timeline of another drawing layer, there are two possible results.

  1. that layer doesn’t have a drawing called “drawing 5” in it yet, in which case harmony will create it, an put the same image from you other layer in it. This is what happens when you paste into a new layer like you said above.
  2. If the drawing layer already has its own drawing called “drawing 5”, when you paste the reference to drawing 5, it will display that layer’s drawing five, instead of what you expect.

If you want to copy the contents of a drawing to a new layer, use the black mouse selection tool to select everything in the drawing (or click in the camera or drawing view to move focus there, and press cmd-a or ctrl-a on windows), copy it, then on the layer you want to move it to, create a new empty cell, click in the camera or drawing view to make sure focus is there, and paste.

Oh my goodness, thank you for this!!! I was so confused at first. Thanks again!