copy rigs mess up each other's symbols [Animate Pro 2]

So i designed a single rigged puppet made of symbols which i intend to be the basis for a lot of my characters. I made it into a master template and then made copies of the template and started changing each one slightly (adding a different face, changing the colour, the size and shape of some symbols). Then came time to import the rigs into the scene, and that’s when i ran into this problem.

Which ever rig is imported first, is the symbol which is used. So if i have two character rigs, one with blue short and another with green. If i import the green first, both rigs will have green, even though one is blue. I’ve tried to rename the symbols in each rig, but that still doesn’t work. Interesting to note, that elements and symbols that were newly draw (most the original master) for each rig do not change (e.g. if i’ve given one rig a completely new head). For some characters, it doens’t load the symbols at all, if they’ve already been imported with another character.

It seems like the software is seeing both symbols as identical and latching onto the first one. This is probably something i’m doing wrong, or a simple step i’m missing, but is there a way to separate and isolate the symbols to the rig? thanks!

working with colors in TB can be a bit confusing. I recently watched a YouTube vid that may describe exactly what you’re dealing with
(linked to the relevant time)

It may be an issue of needing to create new color IDs for each different outfit

watch the same video starting @ the 5:00 mark to get more background on palettes

I agree with Pixeltender’s suggestion. That video nails it. To fully understand how color works in Animate - Harmony you ought to watch the entire tutorial after watching the linked point.