Copy/Pasting Frames Problem

Hey guys! I ran into a problem recently in Harmony 11 that left me stumped. I don’t know whether I unchecked a setting somewhere or what, because I didn’t have this problem until a week ago.

When I try to copy and paste a frame range into a layer (like an eye blinking), every frame after the pasted sequence is deleted. I tried messing around with the Paste Special settings to try and fix this, but to no avail.

If you guys can help me out, that’ll be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I can’t operate your original file, so may not be able to perfect to answer your question.

now I have the solution is:
press F5 to extend your Symbol length, and press shift to select all symbol layer,
press Ctrl+M, popup the "Sequence Fill"window, and you change the "Hold"value to “1”,
and click "OK"button.

Do you have the “Paste Special” option “Paste All Frames of the Symbol (Full Movie)” checked?