Copy & Paste Parts of a Cel?


I have a simple question for a simple operation… that’s turning out a lot harder than I thought.

Basically, I want to copy a section from one drawing element (eg. a character’s head) and paste it into a new drawing element. I thought this would be really easy - just select the area I want to copy, select Edit >Copy Drawing Element, go to my new drawing element and select Edit > Paste Drawing Element.

But no. I canna do it.

Toon Boom won’t let me Paste - all greyed out! I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get it ‘not grey’ but have failed.

My workaround has been to Copy the entire cel, Paste it in the new element and then Delete all the bits I don’t want. It works but it seems like a lot of extra work to do something so simple.

I must be missing something here. Can anyone help?

Thanks kindly,



If you copy vector objects, you need to have the focus on the drawing view to be able to paste it. Same if you copy a whole cell you need to have the exposure sheet or timeline active to be able to paste a cell.

So just click on the drawing view to make the paste option available.


Much appreciated, Mathieu.

I knew it was something simple, like that. Thanks for your prompt help.