Copy/paste cells and uninstalling TBS

Hi, I need to fix this: my TBS 6 does not work as it used to do before upgrading my MAC OSX. Now, simple copy/paste cells within an element is recognized as copy/paste new object, even if I use de cmd/v shortcut. ¿What can be done? Uninstall? I tried to uninstall, by dragging to the trash and eliminating the TBS icon from applications, but when re-installing, the program does not ask for my license number, which makes me think that I reallly didn’t uninstall. HELP! I Need TBS to work smoothly, I use the copy/paste (different to copy/paste new object) a lot!

i used to use copy/paste in exposure sheet a lot and had the same experience. i ended up adjusting my workflow in toon boom, and just use the cells in exposure sheet for drawing different versions of the same drawing layer. then i do the bulk of selecting different cells in the scene planning view, by clicking on individual cells in the cell menu, extending exposures there, etc. i’ll just use copy/paste for walk cycles etc, though you can create cycles in scene planning view as well. i wanted to respond because when i first experienced it i was very frustrated as well, but now i find the method above works probably better than doing the bulk of copy/paste in drawing view. enjoy!

It seems like a good solution. I’ll try that path, Thanks!!!