copy only drawing numbers

Hello. im trying to make a video in which my character is blinking and his pupils are moving. im usuing mask for the pupils so they dont go off the eyeball. of cours every change in the eyeball is another drawing so wide open eyes are 1 and shut eyes are drawing 8 for exaple.
ofcours i need to create 8 different masks for the pupils.
my questiin is, is there any way i can change the eye drawings and not go and manually change the pupils mask? can i copy all the drawing NUMBERS from the timeline for the eyes and paste it to the pupils mask?
thank you in advance

Toon Boom Studio call and reads the drawing by understanding the naming structure.
<column_name>-<drawing_name>.tbd. If you copy and paste it from Xsheet or Time Line, it will duplicate drawing if the drawing with same name does not exist by changing the column name matching to the column name that you are pasting to. So as long as the drawing you are copying and pasting has right drawing shape meets the shape for the mask of eye blinking, it will work. you can then copy and paste the drawing in the same column will only copy and paste the timing since the drawing is already existed. Or you can repeat the (advanced) cycle to reverse the order.

first thank for the replay.
Im afraid i didnt understand the method. can you simplify what exactly should i do?
for now my method is doing all the scene and after that duplicating the eyes element and put it in the eyes mask where the pupils are affected by it.
thank you