Copy of Peg and Its Children/Layers

I have about 40 layers attached to a peg. I’d like to duplicate the peg with the attached layers (and be able to make changes to the second version without effecting the first).

Is this possible - like in Photoshop - duplicating a group and layers?

When I duplicate the peg (using the “duplicate element” command) I get a copy of the peg without the attached layers.

Note: I’m using TB 4.0.



This is easily done by first collapsing the main peg so that all the attached elements are hidden from view in your time line.

Then select the track label of that collapsed main peg element and drag and drop it to your global library. That creates a template of the entire grouping under that peg.

Now you can drag and drop that template from your global library to the scene timeline where you want to modify it. It can even be the same scene where you got the source assets for the original template. It will show as a new copy and not be the same elements as the original group of elements even if you are working in the same original scene.

The new copy made from the template is totally independent from the library template as well as independent from the original source assets. So modify it as you desire the others won’t be effected.

This is actually the typical process used to animate a cut-out character. First the character is created and rigged, a library template is made from the cut-out character and then that template is used in scenes and animated while the original rigged character template remains un-touched.

Hope this helps -JK

JK -

Thanks so much for your quick and clear response.

Very helpful indeed.