copy content from Animate to Harmony Scene

I just switched to Harmony 11 from Animate 3 and I need to convert several Animate projects to Harmony projects or at least copy some content from Animate to Harmony.
A simple copy/paste doesn’t seem to do the trick, hopefully it’s possible, right?

You can also render SWF files out of Animate and import into Harmony. The drawings are flattened, but the colour palette is imported into the palette library - not too bad if you’re in a real hurry.

Ask Toon Boom’s support team. They can convert your projects to Harmony.

I have read of TB Support doing something to get Animate Pro content into Harmony.

The fact that Animate content can be brought into Harmony at all leads me to believe this should be something available through Harmony without Support needing to do it for you.

At the least, it would be an incentive to invest in Animate Pro knowing you can bring work into Harmony if you plan to upgrade to Harmony at some point.

On the same note, it is discouraging not being able to bring work from Animate Pro into Harmony if you are considering the possibility of upgrading to Harmony in the future.

I have to say, I’m rather shocked about this.

I don’t understand why they would do it like this, making it not possible to simply copy paste or at least export import from one application to another, especially when its inside their own product line.

And since they offer to do it for you through support, it’s not because it’s technically impossible, they just don’t wan’t you to have that freedom.

Isn’t there ANY way, I’ll be able to copy simple vector pencil lines from Animate 3 to Harmony Scene 11? Even a hack like exporting an .eps or similar.

I just need to copy single frames of pencil lines, nothing elaborate.

I have not tested this however in theory you can export a layout image or a selected object from layout image as a Photoshop file retaining vector information and either pass it through PS (if you need to export paths to Illustrator format or whatever?) or bring it directly into Harmony.

I don’t know if they do it on a regular basis but, when I switched from Animate to Harmony, it was Toon Boom who offered themselves to convert my projects to Harmony and they did it really fast.

Just asked them. As far as I know, it is the only way.

that’s worth a try, thanks alot, I’ll give it a go.

i switched up from Animate to Harmony a few years ago. Support offered to do the same for me. I decided to try to open an Animate scene in Harmony on my own to see what would happen and…it worked. obviously, it lacked all of Harmony’s features (the network was in shambles), but everything was intact and the animation played back as intended.

give it a shot.

Yeah, ToonBoom support just converted my files and I am now able to open them in Harmony.

The cracked version of Harmony 10 was able to open Animate Pro 2 docs and save them as Harmony files, so it’s a feature in the software that is being disabled by Toon Boom.

I have legit Harmony 11 now and this feature isn’t available.

In my opinion they should enable it, as it doesn’t really do anything but make it more difficult to migrate our projects from animate to Harmony.