copy cells, paste special for pivot not working

i am following the tutorial regarding rigging in animate pro. when i copy cell of a drawing element and then paste special to paste the pivot onto a parented drawing element-peg, the pivot is offset significantly. i have performed no transformations or anything yet, only been using the selection/contour tools and the pivot tool. i am not detecting a pattern to the offset, but it is frustrating because i have to go in and do it manually.

yeah, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. weird. seems like any NEW pivots i set, copy cell from, and paste special, seem to work.

yep, sure enough when i reset all layers many things shifted. i thought i was being careful to only use the selection tool, but now everything is seated properly.

thanks for your attentiveness, you really do a great job keeping up with all of these questions. great diplomacy skills :slight_smile:

something else has come up that may be related, though i don’t know of any transformations now that could be affecting the issue (nothing reverts if i reset all transformations in the animation menu, and no keyframes exist before i create them to follow these steps). i have reached the last step in the rigging tutorials regarding template creation.

after creating the keyframes as in the tutorial (collapsed master peg layer, so keyframes are applied to all inside elements, and setting them all to stop motion), it works fine if i delete all the frames after the first frame, but if i then try to delete the first column of frames, the majority of drawing layers shifts out of place, each frame after the deleted first frame shifting in the same manner. if i only delete frame 2, frame 3, etc., this shifting doesn’t happen. it’s like something on the frame 1 is dictating positioning of some of the elements.

all of my pivots seem correct now, though they do shift along with the drawing elements when the shifting occurs… anything i can check? there are 6 frames right now and they are all contiguous. this also happens if i don’t add the keyframes. i am finding that not all layers do this if i go through and delete elements in frame 1 individually – some work fine. i do have a bunch of compositing going on, but that doesn’t seem to be the distinguishing factor.

looking at the transformation layer properties for the various elements, one pattern i do notice is that items that are shifting have for the x and y axis “lowerleg: Pos_x:0” and “lowerleg: Pos_y:0” while items that don’t shift just say 0 in these fields. position seems always set to separate. note that i have set this up like the tutorial – drawing elements have pegs, embedded pivot applied to parent peg setting, and animate option turned off.

ok, i think i’ve resolved it!

all of those elements that had that non-zero field, i changed those all to “local”, and then put a zero in to x and y. now i am able to delete the first frames and nothing shifts.

so why did some elements have that expression/dependency? i’d like to avoid having that happen again, very glad i caught it before i went too far!

When you have one object parented to another, it inherits any transformations of that object (which it seems like you know already). Try to select those layers and do a Reset and also an F7 just to make sure there’s really no transformations. You can also double-click the layer to check to see if there are any functions attached to the transformations in the layer properties window.


Always glad to be of help! :slight_smile:


That just means that those elements had a function attached to them. That means that at some point you animated directly on that layer, and when you animated it created the function. So you may have deleted the animation, but the function still remained.