Copy cells from another Drawing

I’m using harmony 11.1
I’ve a drawing in my network called mouth_old with 10 different mouth shape (a lipsync), the Drawing substitution names are 1,2,3 until 10
I’ve another drawing called mouth_new, that has 20 mouth shape, as well here the Drawing substitution names are 1,2,3 until 20

How can I copy the substitution drawing from “mouth_new” to “mouth_old” m my targhet is to override the old drawing and update with the new ones.

I need this becasue i would like to keep the “mouth_old” exposure but with the new drawing from “mouth_new”.

I’ve try with paste special using xsheet but the i wasn’t able to override the old drawing substitution.

Can anyone help me plese?

i’ll try, but i’m quite sure that old_mouth and new_mouth was in the same project. But i’ll make some test again

First make backups of both old and new mouths if you haven’t already, just in case. Save them as templates in the library.

Expose the new mouth on it’s own layer showing all drawings 1 -20.

With the Select tool, select the artwork of one of the new mouths in the Camera View.

Copy it (Edit, Copy Drawing Object or Command C).

With the Select tool, select the old mouth artwork you’d like to replace. Delete it.

Paste the new mouth in place of the old mouth.

When you’ve finished you should have all the new mouths pasted over your old mouths. All you need to do is rename Old_Mouth to New_Mouth.

Does that make any sense lol?

Hi Lucacosta,

generally, TB only allows 1 file to be open at any one time and doesn’t allow any interaction between 2 different files so copy and paste features typically don’t work between files.

Easiest way it so save the drawings you want to re-use into the ‘Library’. This is then shared with any new documents you create and you can happily drag and drop / copy and paste into your timeline and edit away.


Storyboard pro | Harmony 12