i dont know much about copyrighting or publishing and all that stuff. so

what should i do if i want to show a animation project like a place like youtube, or myspace without my ideas,and/or characters getting stolen.

i really want to show some of my projects but im afraid of it getting stolen, because i may use it for future projects if i go into an animation career. :-\

Hi Shurikan90,

Studio does not have a built-in watermark solution, so you’ll have to either create one yourself (can easily be done using text and opacity) or use an external compositing app such as After Effects or Premiere. I hope this helps.

There are two possible approaches you might take. First, if your goal is to explore your animating and to develop your craftsman like skills, then pick stuff that isn’t your own original idea and just do it as an educational exercise. For example take a character and scene from Disney and do it in your own style. Credit the source but make the work your own. Or if you are wanting to be totally original just do it and don’t worry about people borrowing from your ideas. That’s just a form of procrastination, you will have plenty of future ideas so it isn’t like you are giving away your future career. In fact you may actually be opening the door if your work attracts enough attention. You will have to be more than a one trick pony to succeed so don’t use your fear of imitation as an excuse. Also I suspect that you will soon discover that sitting on an idea is no insurance that someone else won’t have a similar idea or already has had a similar idea. It’s a big world. -JK

i see what ur saying…ya i guess ill just keep those characters out of the way. i actualy have my own characters just for experimenting. im not afraid of looseing those characters cause…they suck…lol i guess ill practice with them. ^^ thanks for both of ur replies guys