Copy and pasting Drawing element/cell effects all layers.

I have an animation that is a character moving their whole body first then after they stop only one body part keeps moving. I was going to animate this by duplicating each layer minus the part that’s moving and draw the moving body part on each different layer. Problem is all the layers that were copied are effected. How do I have them act independently from one another?

Well it was a kind of movement that couldn’t be done that way but I figured that out. Now I have an issue with Bone movements and Light Table. The light table doesn’t seem to do anything and when I move the bone on a new peg sometimes it effect them all and sometimes it’s independent. It’s very confusing.

You can do the movement with pegs and keyframes only.
There’s probably no need to duplicate anything.

Does each body part have a peg attached?

Can you post a screenshot of the hierarchy of your drawing elements? I’d like to see how the character parts are split into layers and their cells in the Timeline.