Copy and paste

Hello guys, new beginner got here :slight_smile:
I would like you just confirm the following to me: to copy and paste a simple ball (circle) from one frame to another (same lavel) i’m supposed to copy the circle (ctrl+c) to expose it on the new frame, paste it there (ctrl+v) and then duplicate it (alt+shift+d). Am I right?
I have more questions for u, my amazing advisors :smiley:

Any answer, please!

i imagine so…expose then duplicate or copy then paste…are you having problems copy pasting with both methods?

I realised just coping and pasting is not enough; when reproducing the animation (a bouncing ball) i see the falling ball appearing simultaneusly in two or more frames (the ones where I copied it), this causes the animation not to be fluent, but scattered around. By coping and duplicating the way I said before it seams better. Am I right?

You either need to paste special to create a new drawing, or manually create a new drawing on that frame and paste into it (by either drawing a scribble you can delete or going drawing selector in the library and picking a new number I think off the top of my head).

Thank you friends! U’ve been very clear and helpful :slight_smile:
Next step:I’ll post my bouncing ball animation and ask for your opinions
See u soon

Ok guys, u can find my animation here:

I’ve got a question: I seem to have two balls bouncing one after the other on the screen instead of one, is it only my impression? If it’s not, what can be the reason for that? Maybe timing?

Here are a few different ways:

1) Extend exposure and duplicate
2) Copy the ball’s ARTWORK in the drawing view (select tool, select the artwork, copy), then paste it into the drawing view on a new cell - this will create a new drawing (unlike if you simply copy and paste cells in the timeline, which copies the exposure).
3) Copy and paste special - but I find this one a bit more involved, so I usually just do either 1 or 2