Copy and paste purgatory

Hi all,
So I was up till 4.30 this morning fighting to put together a pitch animation with trial version of TBS.

The last bit I wanted to do was simply copy a range of nested pegs and drawings of a chap drinking beer and paste into a new set of layers so I could reuse in a different scene.

It appears that whichever way I tried to do it TBS won’t comply - ‘Paste not allowed here’ it says with infuriating frequency.

Is it me or is this seemingly simply procedure staggeringly difficult, nay, virtually impossible?

I was close to tears I freely admit.
Any advice sympathy much appreciated.


Would need to see exactly what you want to copy where but one tip that could help is trying to use the paste special function from the edit menu. This might give you more option for pasting and getting the thing done.

Best regards,