Copy and paste onto different layer won't paste in place

I’ve been doing this successfully for quite a while, but now suddenly I’ll lasso a drawing and copy it, then paste it into a separate layer on the same numbered frame in the timeline, and it won’t paste in place.

I understand it doesn’t paste in place if you’re on the same layer (so you can see it better) but normally my program has been pasting it in the exact same place if you paste on a different layer. I don’t know if I messed with a setting or what

Can’t believe I can’t find a solution on the boards or Web. Hard to think I’m the only guy who’s came across this

Well it magically pastes in place again.

you can paste only once to paste it in place. the second paste would not be in place. the will be a bit discrepancy in the space on the second paste. hope this will help you to solve the problem.