Copy and paste from scene to scene

Is there a way to copy a drawing from one scene and paste it into another?

What I do is to create a symbol in the “global” Animate library and then open up the new scene and drag the new symbol into the timeline/camera view.

Check out the Symbol and library chapters in the Manual.

Thanks for the tip, Mike (I’m assuming this is your name).

But if I may comment on the performance of the software, I find it really difficult to work with software that is not made to do the task of copy and past from one file to another. I can even open a Microsoft Word document and copy text into Adobe Photoshop. It’s really hard to believe I can’t even copy and past within the same software.

ToonBoom should really fix this. This is an elementary function of any software.

What does ToonBoom folks think?

This will be available in Animate 2. If you open two instances of Animate 2, then you will be able to select a drawing with the select tool in the camera view or the drawing view and hit Ctrl+C. Then, go to the second instance, select the cell in the timeline where you’d like to paste the drawing, then put the focus in the camera view and with the select tool activated do a paste, Ctrl+V. This should carry your drawing over.

You will not be able to copy and paste from Animate to Animate 2, but you will be able to copy and paste between two instances of Animate 2. Text cannot be copied to outside programs like Word, but you can copy and paste text from one instance of Animate 2 to another. Also, you can copy text FROM Word into Animate 2 - simply select the text and hit Ctrl+C, then select the text tool in Animate 2, and then click in the camera view to start a text field, and hit Ctrl+V, and it will paste the text into the text field.

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I am glad to hear this will be available. I really think this is needed for a practical work flow.

What I am worried about is that this will not be a free upgrade for all us existing AnimatePro users. :’(

Or am I wrong?

You’re correct, it’s not a free upgrade. Also, the Pro version’s release date hasn’t been announced yet, so although it’s coming soon, we don’t know exactly when.

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