Copy a drawing and change the second drawing PROBLEM


I’m quite new to Toon Boom.
I have been doing a lot of tutorials but I can’t find the solution for my problem.

I’m creating 3 views for my character to rig it later (3/4, Front and side views). Each view is in a diferente frame (frame 1 is the 3/4 pose, the frame 2 is the front pose and so on)
I have separeted all the parts I need and organized them in different layers.

The problem I have is:

I want to use the same shoe (for example) that I drew in the 3/4 pose on the side pose of my character so I could avoid having to draw it again.
I thought I just need to copy and past special that frame in the time line (with the check box "Always create drawing file"checked) and then I could rearrange the translation as I wish.
But when I go to the pasted frame and move it with the Transform tool (I don’t have the animation button activated) the new position of the shoe is also the new position for the shoe in the original pose.

Shouldn’t the past special avoid this?

What am I doing wrong?

The only solution I found is to copy the drawing in the camera viewport, but because I have diferent colours and lines in the different layers inside that layer (color art, line art, etc) is a very tiring processed.
There must be an easier way to do this.

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance!

(I attached an image that illustrates better my problem.)

go to previous keyframe, use the selection tool and select all the draw, then go to next frame and paste, I think thats what you want.

I havent used the function you mention but when I want to duplicate a drawing the best is to be on the layer with the shoe and then press “duplicate image”, Then you have 2 copies of the same drawing and you can edit the second one.

You can also duplicate the layer and there you can edit the drawings and they are separated from each other.

I dont know if that solved your problem.

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias.

I cannot find the “duplicate image” only the “dupliate drawing”… but it’s not doing what I need. And I cannot also duplicate the layer because of the rig that I want to do later on.


I just wanted a way to move (translate) the drawing to a different place without having to select the drawings layers (the layers inside the layer) individualy. :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

Could you use OBS or some other screen recorder and make a video of what you’re trying to do and upload it to yt or elsewhere?

Are you using pegs? If you are, are you setting the keyframes for each angle so that after you duplicate the leg and move it to new position you aren’t moving the original view position? If there’s no keyframe on that it would move it.

sorry I meant “duplicate drawing of course”.

Need more info to see what you want to do.

/ Mattias

i had the same problem. i would copy an image a couple of time and every time i changed one of them they all changed. the only way to fix this is if you just click the red eye button and then it will show you the previous image in red. you will have to draw over that one

when you use the Transform tool without having the ‘Animate’ button activated you will change the layer’s position for the whole scene. In order to maintain the position of your first drawing create a keyframe at frame 1 and another one at frame 3.
I advice you to do all transformation animations (position, rotation, scale and skew) on a peg to which you’ll attach your drawing.

Yeah, that’s what I tought… :frowning:


hmmm I see.
I’m was trying to avoid that because I want to use deformations (bones or curves) for the legs and foot.

You can do both.

You can add a deformer to your drawing and attach all this to a peg. It’s also possible to add the deformer( s ) later.

When you select a drawing and use the “Duplicate” feature, it does actually make a copy.
To use the copy, select a frame in the timeline and use the “Drawing Substitution” slider
to select the copy.

The only way to make sure that you are changing the duplicate and not the original is to
look at the Xsheet window that shows the cel labels. For example if your layer only had
one drawing the original should say 1 in the timeline. If you duplicate it there should
now also be a drawing 2. You can then either type 2 in the cel of that layer in the Xsheet
view or go to the timeline and select a cel and use the drawing substitution to place it.
You can then verify in the Xsheet window that the duplicate is at that frame position since
the drawings will initially look the same.

You can verify that the two drawings are not in fact linked by adding a stroke to one of
them. If you have a cel lableled 1 and another labeled 2, there should now be one showing
the added stroke and one that only has the original artwork.

I duplicated layers and the images are connected somehow so same problem

How do you duplicate the layers?
it is different ways to do this.

If you use Premium and duplicate a node(layer) they will be linked.

TEll me more what you want and what you do.

/ Mattias