Convey my sincere regards to Shabana Ali.

Hello there !
I am not an animator. But it is my Hobby to draw, paint , create digital designs and sculpt 3d models. I am familiar with Zbrush, Corel Draw, Photoshop, illustrator, Adobe After Effects. But I always wanted to try animation. And know, I found this amazing software by Toon Boom.
Toon Boom’s products are simply Fantastic. The Tutorials they have provided are of Great help. I am Proud of Toon Boom for providing these resources. And I am sincerely Thankful to Toon Boom for providing a wonderful Teacher like Shabana Ali. I was just a beginner in animation and knew nothing about animating .Shabana’s tutorials proved of great help. Now I have almost completed all of the tutorials and feel confident of bringing my creations to Life.
If any one on this forum is in touch with Shabana, please convey my sincere regards. I want her to know that she has prepared wonderful tutorials.
I am Glad for her.
Deo gratias !!!

Hi Saumiguel,

Thank you very much for your compliments. They are much appreciated.
I have passed along your good words to Shabana.

Thank you!


Thank You ! Marie. I am Glad to hear that.

                                Sincere Regards,
                                              Sanjay M Colaço