converting to mac from vista

Hi all -

I am looking to get away from the vista infested problems and migrate over to a mac … i know that the mac world is not pure, but it has to better than windows (correct me if I am wrong) … been using tb 3-4 on xp and vista and contend with crashes, slow responses, corrupted files, and loss of functionality (setting exposures from a right click (i have to restart tb to fix it) … question is, can Imac or Emacs handle tb4 and if so, what would be a good config … if not, what would be a good, non-pocketbook drenching system should i look for … be curious to see what others are using for macs and the problems they face - i want to make sure i am making the right decision before investing the time and money in that direction … thanks, dan

I’ll give you my 2 cents worth on the subject. I use TBS on a windows XP system and it works very well. I can’t speak for Vista. I also use TBS on a G4 PowerMac OSX 10.4.11 and it works extremely well. Given to two platforms I prefer Mac. Unfortunately I can’t switch to Animate because it doesn’t run on the PowerMac. It only runs on the Intel Macs, which totally sucks and blows for me because I currently have no reason to buy a new Mac. As a general rule you will have less trouble with a Mac. Not because of anything more than restrictive control of the platform. It is so much easier to build software particularly complex software to run on Mac because you don’t have to accommodate such a large universe of graphic cards etc. So if you want to switch to a Mac just buy the best Mac you can afford. -JK

Hi Jk -

I was also happy with my xp and tb, but the pc bit the big one and my only choice was to get shanghai’d to vista and tb4 (nice features in 4) … what I am looking at is a iMac 20-inch 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4gigs mem … any idea if tb will run smoothly on it? Or do I need to go higher up the mac tree? my biggest question would be the global libraries i have … can i get them exported over as i have a character base for a client and would hate to have to redraw them all … thanks, dan

Well, I am using an iMac 24” (white) 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 3 GB of RAM /
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT…

TBStudio 4.5 runs very well…so does any other software I am using…
(the screen size is just beautiful to work with…)

My personal choice would be the 24” model…(has already 4GB of RAM installed…)
and the GeForce GT 130 with 512MB of memory… at least the GT 120 with 256MB.

Check out some reviews about the GeForce 9400M (mobility-version / integrated (onboard) graphic-card), a good choice for a notebook-computer…?

I guess all new iMac’s will work very well with Studio… (all NVIDIA’s)
(the 20” model is still a very powerful machine…)
Just go for the “best-one” you can afford…

Unfortunately I have never transferred Libraries from Windows to Mac…
so really can’t answer that one…


I’ve had 3 crashes related to renders and 2 crashes for other problems on my mac. Had the program only a week.