Converting Single Drawing

Is there a way to converting a single drawing from deformed drawings (deformed by spline or bone)?

For example:

I have a full character rig. I created some poses and I want to obtain a single drawing without deformation controller. Is there a way to do this?


Got it. I’ll try them. Thanks for the response

Do you mean that you want to deform a drawing with a deform rig, and then export this drawing? There is a way to do this, through Animation > Deformation > Convert Deformed Drawing to Drawings.

Or do you want to simply remove the deform rig from a drawing? If you have multiple drawings, each drawing by default is connected to its own deform rig, which shows up in the Network view. You can just select that deform group for that drawing and delete it.

If you just want to extract the drawing, onto a new layer, then you can select the drawing in the drawing view, and copy and paste it into a new layer.