Converting Panels into Scenes, or Sequences?

Hi, i’m new to storyboard pro and I made a huge mistake of drawing all shots (sequence & scenes) in “panels”.
(I have already done whole rough editing and adding comments… Now I have bunch of 128 panels instead of 128 scenes…which is made of 7 sequences)

Is there any way to convert those panels into scene or sequence?
or is there any workaround for this kind of problem??

Thank you in advance!

You can select the panels and right-click and “make into scenes” or something.
I am not sure how many you can do at ones.
You could also drag them outside the scene to make them new scenes.

Thank you, mattiasgordon for such a quick reply!

As you said, I was working on “Timeline Workspace” and when I changed to “Overview Workspace”, I was able to move the panels to convert into Scenes, Sequences!

Thank you!! you are such a life saver! have a wonderful day!



Great tip, mattiasgordon!

You can indeed right click on a selection of panels and select “New scene from selected panels”.

With big projects, it’s a real life saver!

Thanks you for an additional tip, too!


Glad my info helped you.