Converting from trial to registered version...

Hi Everyone,

I’m moving from a trial version of Animate to a registered version…do I have to uninstall the trial version or can I wait till it expires and enter in my activation code?



There is no actual expiration on Animate PLE (unless you have received a temporary license). If it is a temporary license after you have activated your current license you can wait for the software to expire as the full license will pick up after.

If it is the PLE you should uninstall it and install the full version to prevent yourself from converting your full version project to the trial version by mistake if you open the wrong version on your machine.

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Thanks Ugo! I’m running the version that I got from the “more for less” tour. So I’ll just let it keep running as is. The registration portion is complete so we should be good to go.

Thanks!! That saves me a little time 8)


I have adquiered a full license for storyboard pro 4. My trial version has expired. How do I activate the full product?