Converting animation to drawings

Is there a way to do this?

EG I animated a box going around the screen. I now want to convert the sequence to drawings so I can individually edit some of it frame by frame.

Just basically the same thing you can do with the morphing tool.

I know you can copy and paste fames to another layer, but I was wondering if there is a shortcut.

for anyone interested it is "insert keyframe and duplicate drawing"

problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:


If I understand your issue right, there is another way of doing it that could work.

If you have a complex keyframe animation and you would like to have it as a flattened vector image sequence to edit, you can render it as TVG and reimport it.

There are a couple conditions to that solution:

**This solution is for Animate Pro only.

1. All elements to be rendered have to be vector based. (For example, a blur effect is bitmap and so, it will not be rendered)

2. You have to change all your composite modules to VECTOR rather than bitmap. If you want to make sure everything is flattened, you must enabled the Flatten option at the very bottom of the Composite module properties.

3. You must set your WRITE module to render TVG images.

Once you render your network, it will create a series of TVG images (Toon Boom Vector Graphics) and you will be able to reimport them in your scene using the Import Image function.

Hope this helps you,


yes that is what I was trying to do.

That is a nice way to do a large number.

Great :slight_smile:

Hmm, your solution is easy to operate and useful. I am considering that whether we can try a converting tool that can convert among image, document and animation.