COnvert tween to drawings


I would just like to know if i can convert a tweened object to drawings? The prob is I need to extend each frame of the tween so that it is on 2’s. any tips?

Hi lilly thanks for the reply

Yes I was wondering if you could convert motion tweening to drawings ( the same way your would with morph tweening). I did what you suggested with extending the KF with the + function thus creating 2 frames per KF, it worked a treat, cheers.

Well I just want to make sure that we’re talking about the same thing, because the word “tween” can mean two different things in flash/animate. You can have a shape tween (Morphing) or a motion tween (Motion keyframes). If you just have moved an object with your Transform tool, then this is simply keyframes on your timeline. You can’t convert keyframes to drawings. You can convert a morphing sequence to drawings.

If you need to get your keyframed motion on 2s, though, there are a couple of ways of doing it. You can:

1) Step function. Click on the + sign on the drawing or peg layer whose keyframes you want to step. Double-click on the function(s) involved in the movement to open up the Bezier Editor. Use the Step button to step the function, putting in the start value where you want to start stepping, stop value where it finishes, and a hold value of 2.

2) It’s sometimes easier just to put keyframes on every other frame (hit F6 on every other frame) then convert those keyframes to Stop-Motion keyframes by selecting them in the timeline, right-clicking, and selecting Set Stop-Motion Keyframes.

Hope this helps.


Hi, Lilly!

I’ve been going through the same situation in a project. We’ve been using both your hints, but it still doesn’t make for an efficient workflow.

Is it possible to have motion tweens “on twos” on a layer level, or project level? I ask it in more details at: