Convert to .MOV


I want to import short movies made in AVI format to MOV. I’d like to do this so that I can import the .MOV into Animate 2. I’m running Vista, 32 bits.

I’ve looked at QuicktimePro but most of the user reviews indicate that it’s not up to the job.

Do any of you wise folk use anything that works well?


Well, I am using QuickTime Pro for years (version 7.6.6)
for most of my exports and conversions… with excellent results…

Otherwise I use MPEG-Streamclip:


Hi Nolan

Thanks for that, very useful. Are you on MAC or PC?


I am using a Mac…
Both applications should work in the same way with Windows…?


I suggest you to use Video Converter, because Quicktime Pro only supports AVI (MJEPG). The third-part converter software is compatible with various formats and supports conversion among any format you like.
Here is a step-by-step guide to convert avi to mov.