Convert stroke to envelope deformer

Hello I’m looking for a script to convert a stroke to an envelope defomer.

I mean extract data from a stroke (points & tangents position) and create an envelope with the exact same values.

So the envlope will perfectly match the stroke.

Do you know if that exist ?

Thanks you

Using the Envelope Creator, you can generate a deformation chain based on the contours or the centreline of the artwork in a layer. In the top menu, select Animation > Envelope Creator > Create Envelope.


I already know about this tool, but it’s really not precise.

I mean It aproximates the envlope creation with more or less precision and we can’t decide where we want the points.

I want the point of the envlope exactly on the top of the points of the stroke and same for the tangents.

So that’s why I’m looking for a script to convert direcly strokes into envelope