convert png to tvg outside Harmony

hi all, I have a lot of png’s sequence that I would like to convert in TVG.
I know that I can open every single Toon Boom harmony file and re-import the png as a tvg. But it will take FOREVER, is there any way that I can convert png to tvg without open the Toon Boom harmony’s files?
Maybe using other module line paint module or scan?


You could use the Pix2Vec utility that we package with the software to do so, but it would require for you to create a loop in your command line.
All this is explained here.

wow, super cool.Thanks Alexis, I’ll take a look :smiley:

Hi @AlexisDuclaux
I’ve tried the Pix2Vec it works, but is converting the png to a vector…wich is the purpose of the software of course.
My task is to keep the bitmap in a tvg format.
To make it clear if I manually import a png in toon boom using file>import>images I can choose to import the png as “Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing” which keep the bitmap data and convert the png to a tvg.
It’s my fault because of course my first question was how to convert to a tvg…but I didn’t know that the tvg file that ti need is not the one that Pix2Vec create.
Do you know a way to convert png into “Toon Boom Bitmap Drawing”?
Do you know the setting of the Pix2Vec that allow me to keep the bitmap data?
thanks for your time and help