Convert jpg to vector

Hey everyone. I’m fairly new to toonboom. I made some backgrounds for an animation in photoshop, then saved them as jpgs. I can import the images fine, but i can’t edit them. All I found was something saying that I have to convert the images from bitmap to vector, but I don’t know how. Any help? Thanks!

Create a Drawing layer / right click the first exposure/frame / Import and Vectorize / from File /
Navigate to your image file /
In the Import and Vectorize Settings make your choice, black and white or with texture, etc.
“With Texture” if you like to keep the image colours ?


Hi, if you want to convert image to raster image or image to vertor image, like jpeg to svg, you just need to install and use an image converter, and all these image converting problems can be resolved within a short time.

I’m rather confused on why you’d link to a .NET Development SDK for converting images, seeing as it’s not an actual image converter, but a library to create your own image converter as long as you’re a developer…