Convert .flv for import, any ideas?

Hello, toonbbomers,
Perhaps you know about file converters to download from the web. There are some movie files .flv I would like to import to my animation, but I need to convert them to some format supported by toon boom studio. Ideas? For mac.

Well, have you checked out Toon Boom’s own TBS Importer…?
(not sure if it works with .flv-files…?)

Techspansion’s “VisualHub” could do this very nicely…
Unfortunately it has been “discontinued”…
(In my opinion…one of the best video-converter for the Mac…)

…If you still have, or find a copy, hold on to it and use it…

Otherwise, check out “HandBrake”, ”Aimersoft”, “FlashVideoConverter” …
(I guess, there might be others around…?)


Sorry for the late post. I usually convert files with HD Video Converter Factory. It supports a variety of formats. You can convert FLV to MP4 through it: