Convert Deformation Animation to Drawings

Does “Convert Deformation Animation to Drawings” only work with vector layers? I’m getting error when I try on bitmap layers, but, it doesn’t specify that the reason is bitmap.

The error reads:

Deformed drawings can only be converted to normal drawings if they are under a deforming rig which support multiple deformation chains.

I’m not sure what that is referring to. I have my arm bitmap layer connected to a bone rig (non game rig) that consists of 3 bones (bicep, forearm and hand). I have animated it over 30 frames. I select the frame range and try to convert to normal drawings; but, receive above error when I do.

Structure looks like:

[ Deformation_LeftArm
| Bone
| Bone1
| Bone2
| LeftArm (this is bitmap layer)

On this page - Harmony 14 Premium Documentation: Converting Deformation Animation to Drawings - it does state in the last step “Your selection is converted to vector drawings.” But, in the images on this page, it is showing the drawing layer is under a bone, like this:

| Bone1
| Drawing

Thank you for any assistance.

You need to have more than one deformation CHAIN not more than
one bone or curve. As a workaround you can add a deformation chain
that does nothing if you need to bake your sequence to adjust the timing.

Thanks, rkriz.

This link should be helpful for anyone not familiar with adding a new deformation chain to a drawing that already has a deformation chain:

It is for ver 12; so, if there is an additional link to ver 14, it could be posted too.

I must say that adding an additional deforming chain that does nothing only to be able to convert drawings is double the work to perform this task. Perhaps this could be looked at to be able to convert to drawings with only 1 deforming chain assigned to a drawing layer.

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