Convert brush strokes to pencil lines

I have imported and vectorized an image. Now when I try to ‘convert brush strokes to pencil lines’ the lines are too distorted compared to the original image (eg. rounded corners where they should be sharp, curved lines where they should be straight).

I’m comparing Animate to my old Studio v4 where I had a “Extract Centre Line” command. “Extract Centre Line” on the same image in Studio 4 works brilliantly. Is there any way to control the result in Animate?


Unfortunately there are no settings that you can set for the “Convert Brush strokes to Pencil Lines” feature. I do see a difference when I convert in Animate as compared to in Studio, however to me the conversion in Animate seems more true to the line. In Studio, if I were to draw a zig-zagged line, where the sharp corners that you like in studio, there are little "Y"s, where the two different directions of the line come together, merging at the corner.

The Animate result is much better, having just one line, instead of having a little “Y” at the corner, it has a “V” instead. This should be a much more desirable result. However, yours ends up looking more like a “U” than a “V”, then I would suggest that you use the contour editor. You can select the end point where you want it to be more sharp, then use the bezier handles to adjust the sharpness.

As for the curved lines where they should be straight, I tried it out in Studio and in Animate, and for me the results appear to be the same.

Thanks for your response lillyV. I’ll keep what you’ve said in mind and investigate further.