Conversion Issues

I got Toonboom animate Pro PLE, and played around on it for a while. After I creating something I was happy with, I decided to buy Toonboom Animate.

After installing it, I was a little upset to learn that when I opened that project, it was invisible. I opened it again under the PLE, and it is fine.

So How do I make my Invisible Project visible again?




A project with the PLE version can not be opened with a paid version.
The team of the toon boom repeats often …

Thierry “Digicod”

What? For Real? I invested so much time in that project!

I bought the full version so that I could transfer my project. Did I waste my Money?



Sorry… :-[

The Toon Boom Animate Pro Personal Learning Edition is a special version that provides free access to Toon Boom Animate Pro for non-commercial use. Those using Personal Learning Edition (PLE) have access to the same toolsets of Toon Boom Animate Pro. The PLE restricts users to non-commercial applications through the display of a watermark on images, a limited resolution of 540x540, limited PDF/AI import options as well as the use of a special non-commercial file format (please note that projects done in this version can only be opened in the PLE version).

It’s here:
You should have seen when you downloaded your PLE version.

Thierry “Digicod”