controlling line thickness through the network

I want to control the line thickness of all my character through the network view. Anyone have any thoughts on how to achieve such a task?

Hi, can you be more specific? are you talking about Pencil lines…

thanks, Jason.

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As far as i know, currently the network view doesn’t support this.

But I see the benefits for adding such functionality to the network view.

Having a property module → specifying a property → linking the property module to modules one would like to influence with it.


A peg lets you influence the position, scale, and rotation of its children.
With a property module you could do the same, or simply specify a single property like X axis position.

That way you could control the X axis position of multiple children with out affecting other position information of the children.

The line thickness property would require more work. First the module would have to select all the lines in influenced layers and then offset there values by the specified amount.

Unlike X axis position which is already an editable layer property.

you can extract the line art layer with the line-art or layer-Selector modules put all of those into a single composite and modulate that with a matt-resize module.

The matt-resize will allow you to change the line thickness but it will only be visible while rendering.

This can take a while to set up if you have a lot of nodes and will look really horrible if you are using bitmap lines. But it will give you fine control of the rendered line thickness and it is also animateable.


In the Layer Properties of the vector element on the “Advanced” tab - there are options to change the Pencil line thickness over time by linking to function graphs to apply the desired values.

Remember that you can convert brush stokes to pencil lines also from the Drawing menu’s “Convert” sub-menu.