Controlling Camera Target

I’m just getting into camera animating in toon boom, and I must be missing something when it comes to controlling the target of the camera.

I’ve used 3D and 2D compositing programs, and generally those programs allow you to animate both the camera body, and the camera target. Does toon boom allow this functionality?

As it is now, whenever I rotate the camera on the Z axis, it throws my field of vision off kilter, so when i export it’s off from what I see as in my field of vision in the camera view. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

If you want to move or rotate the camera, and move another element as well, use a peg for the element and attach both the camera and the element to that peg. Then parent a peg to the camera.

This won’t target the camera on the element necessarily, but it should make the job a lot easier.