Control Points for Camera movement in 3D path

I am trying to create a 3D camera movement, in which it ‘wanders’ down the Z axis and avoid bumping into objects (as in walking thorough a forest).
I notice the point of view does not coincide with the Control Point on the path, which makes it hard for me to plan where to make the camera move.

I tried to change the Pivot position on the Z axis (by enabling 3D), which worked for the Pivot, but the Control Points still are way in front of where the camera is.

Can this be changed, or am I making some blatant mistake?

Thanks you.

create the camera at 0,0,0 then create the peg. There peg will then be on the camera at 0,0,0 and then it should align with the control points i think.

Thank you very much TheRaider, that solved it! :slight_smile: