Control point animation

Hello all!

I am not sure if I asked about this before so here it goes.

Is it possible to animate points on a vector line over time, say to add secondary motion on cut-out characters for one?

I looked through the manual and could not find anything.

The reason I am asking is that I am using Anime Studio Pro at the moment and I am looking for a more robust 2D animation software to replace it in my workflow, but point animation is a tool that I became to rely on for smooth animation, especially when doing cut-out style animation.

Thanks for your time!

Hello Lilly

First, thank you fr the quick reply! :slight_smile:

I thought that much after installing the PLE this morning, will have a closer look at that process during the day.

You seem very knowledgeable, very helpful, congrats and thanks again!


Morphs are perfect for secondary motion since it is normally subtle.

From experience you will love the drawing tools and interface in Animate if you give them a chance compared to Anmie Studio. It is a lot easier to control IMO which means you are spending more time on your art.

I love the drawing tools so far, and the interface is quite professional compared to Anime Studio. Only installed the PLE yesterday morning and already I am digging into Morph Layers, which seems to answer most of the questions I’ve had!

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

If you look at the tutorial I did on lightlabers I used a morph to create the secondary motion (the trail).

Cool, I will look into it, but I will finish my testing of morph layers first, this is a very good tool!

Not as such but what you can do is you can do a Duplicate Drawing then use your drawing tools (contour editor, select tool, etc) to modify the line. So you can still use Cutout Animation, but you can combine it with drawing swaps or even morphs to get a nice look.


No problem - good luck and I hope it goes well!