Contour editor

Hello all!

I would like to know if it is possible to animate a cutout character and then use the contour editor on top to tweak the animation, like add secondary motion, on any frame, all animated of course!

Thanks for any replies!


You can’t use the contour editor to animate over time.

However you can use the morphing tool to get the effect you desire.

Hello again and thanks for the quick reply.

I aked a similar question a bit ago.

I own Anime Studio put looking for a more mature solution with better development goals, being able to move points over time is a feature of Anime Studio, so I was looking for similar in Anime 2.

I tried the morphing in the PLE, while it is pretty convenient, it is not as usefull since you can only morph poses, no the in-betweens like you can in Anime Studio.

Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:


You can use multiple morphs between multiple in betweens.

So like you can morph from Shape A to Shape B to Shape C etc as many times as you want/can be bothered to draw the in betweens.

If you are only doing subtle moves (as suggested by just wanting to use the contour editor) you would simply duplicate the drawing, then use the contour ediot on the new drawing to get the shape you want, then morph between the 2. It should in theory work well since you have the same number of points in both drawings and easy to find anchor points.

Again, thanks for the fast post.

I see what you mean and it makes sense, not what I had in mind but could be a viable compromise.

Will look into that during the weekend.

Just got funding for a large project and I am looking for a stable animation package that works well for me.

Thanks again!