Contour Editor issues TBS 7.1

I have TBS 7.1 installed on 2 computers. One is my primary work computer, the other is the one I go online with.

My primary work computer is having an issue with the precision of the Contour Editor tool.

It will not allow me to do minor line adjustments. It jumps to a location that is unacceptable. I just tried it out on my internet computer and it works just as it always has.

I’ve had a few buggy issues with TBS 7 before, and the solution was to reinstall it. So I tried reinstalling it, and it seemed to work, but within the first hour after rebooting, the same lack of precision was back.

I need to get the Contour Editor tool back to it’s default. What is the solution?


Hi, There,
Do you have the same graphic card in these two computer ?
Did you try to upgrade the graphic card driver ?

One thing you can also check is whether the ‘Snap to Contour’ option is enabled. This can give you the effect you described. Go to the Tools menu, make sure ‘Snap to Contour’ is unchecked.