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Hi all -

As I sit here planning out my project which will have a variety of characters all within the same background and audio, I was wondering how I can take a piece of audio that will play throughout the entire animation and still incorporate different scene manager segments? By that, I mean I want to have a separate scene for each character and their interaction with the background… if I have five scenes, how can I have the background and audio play throughout each scene without interuption? From what I have seen, it seems each scene is encapsulated and separate from all the other scenes… when one ends, the next begins so I don’s see how I can have a piece of music play throughout each and every scene without interuption … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

If you do not stream a sound it will go through all the scenes of animation. This being said be aware that when you will be working you won’t have access to this sound track in scene 2,3,4 … so if you had planed on timing your animation with the sound track you should clearly cut the sound track in multiple segment you import in each scene.

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Hi Ugo -

Thanks - I kind of figured that was the way it would work … luckily the project is only a couple of minutes long so I can keep it as a single scene …might be a nice additive in a future version where items can be outside the scene structure, a kind of master layer … yeah, it’s easy to come up ideas especially when one doesn’t have to come up with a way to do it :slight_smile: thanks again, i do appreciate it … dan

Hi, my name’s Dan too:) Yaay! I have a similar problem so
I thought I’d put it here, rather than start a new thread.

What I’ve been doing so far, is to import my entire recorded
dialogue into one scene, set it to “streamed” in the editor,
lip-sync my characters to it manually (too many mouth positions
for the automatic lip sync) and after 400 frames or so, cut and
paste the remaining part of the sound element into another
scene and continue.

The length of the audio requires me to do three scenes of
about 400 frames each. For some reason though, bits of
dialogue are repeated in both scenes (at beginning or end
between cuts) even though the frames with those sounds
are only in one scene. Also, there is a bit of a clunking sound
sometimes when moving from one scene to another.

What I don’t understand in Ugo’s response, is if it is okay to
do what I’m doing, i.e. cut and paste frames of a sound element
between scenes, or rather one has to cut the actual sound file
up outside Toon Boom (I use Garage Band), and import the
separate bits as separate sound elements into each scene,
setting “streamed” for each one.

Could I get some clarification on this? It might help with another
problem that I continue to have - perfectly synced lips until exporting
to Quick Time, when suddenly things are off by anywhere from one
to five frames.



Hi Dan (good name :slight_smile: )

I actually did find a way to play an audio piece over a number of separate scenes… what I did was create the animation over whatever number of scenes I decided on. Following that, I exported the entire animation out into a swf file then imported it back in. This placed the animation into a single scene which then allowed me to add a sound element and which allowed me to play the piece over the entire animation… granted I could have created the work in a single scene, but I found this to be hard to work and test with.
With sound, I find that working with mp3 is more difficult than with wav. For some reason in tb (at least for me), the sound editor does not give me a true frame picture as to where the audio piece begins and ends. I generally take the mp3 and convert it to wav before going into TB… once there, I have had no problem copying portions of the audio from one scene to the other or within the same scene. Further, the piece I am working on now will run over fifteen minutes with the client supplied audio file some 48000 frames in length. Since I have not found a good editor I can use outside of TB (I will look at Garage Band) to cut up the audio into the pieces I need, I generally bring in the entire audio and cut out the portion I need for a scene (generally some 3000 frames). I then break this up into smaller segments to span across however many scenes I deem necessary for continuity and ease… I think that once I find a good editor outside of TB I will do more of my cutting and splicing there … thanks, D

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the explanation. I will try re-recording in wav format and see if that helps with the lip-sync timing issue.