continuing a symbol in the main-timeline after extend the symbol "clip" inside

hi everyone,
I created a sequence inside a symbol and dragged it into the main timeline. after working a while I needed to expand the playback time of the hole project and the symbol itself. But now the drawing substitutions of the symbol didn’t continued at the new extended time. is there a possibility to continue them automatically or do i really need to select each frame and select the new substitutions by my own?

thanks in advance

PS: there are effects and other network-links on the symbol, so new inserting is a little bit unfavorable

no one? is there really no possibility to get a filled symbol like this after extanding the timerange of the symbol:

So do I understand that rightly? I have to type ever simple frame(in my case thousands) manualy inside the drawing substitution box? -_- that is pretty frustrating

uhoh, after wasting a looot of time with typing. Finally i found out, that you can copy a symbol in the library and use paste-special with the ‘paste all Frames of the symbol’-option activated over the old to-short timeline-symbol. And all the coordinates and network-connections are still there, great!