Continual Soundtrack

Hi again,

Have another question about sound.

If I make a bunch of scenes yet want the sound to overlap from one scene to another, eg. music carrying over into the next scene, how can I do that?

Do I have to cut the sound to the exact frame between scenes, even if it is one piece of music that will play continuously. This seems like a lot of extra work if so.

It would be great if Toon Boom actually had a Timeline that you could place entire scenes on, then you could lay a track over the whole lot of them at once.

Would love to know if there’s a workaround for this.

Thanks to anyone that answers.



i think if u set ur mp3 file as stream it would play continuosly in whole movie …may be i am wrong …lets wait for others reply :slight_smile:


As weird as it may seem it is the other way around. If you don’t stream the sound it will actually go from one scene to the other as long as you render the project as a whole. When you stream the sound they actually try to fit every frame and since the sound element is not there in the other scene it will suddenly stop. If it is not stream it just start and plays until the end.

Now, one problem you might encounter is the fact that the sound is longer then the total length of your scene. In this case, the sound will continue playing and will also restart since your animation will loop. That mean the sound will play on 2 levels at a same time. To prevent this make sure that you either cut your sound at the end of you total movie. To do that you will need to add up all the frames of all the scene, then go in the sound editor and cut the sound at the last frame of the scene.

This method is good for soundtracks over a project but it might be tricky to synchronize things with this method since the sound is not streamed and might take longer/less times then the framing of the scene depending on the computer loading the animations.

Hope this could have been of some help to you.

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