Content from older project gone

I found some old projects converted from Harmony 14 and I’m opening them in Harmony 20. They’re all empty. No drawings, just empty frames.

Aside from the numerous crashed I’m experiencing with my Cintiq, It’s incredibly frustrating to have archived files completely unusable.

What did I possibly do when archiving these folders? I thought they were all self contained. Is there anything I can do to get my older animations back?

Realized that none of the projects copied over the nesting .tvg files in the /elements folder. No idea why. I found older copies, however, that had all of these elements. I hope that these restore my projects (They’re taking a long time to copy)

But I think the lessons for anyone reading this is make sure these .tvg drawings are backed up.

That was it! I opened the projects with the .tvg files and all seems to be as I left it. Don’t know why those files didn’t copy —