The project I’m on is using Harmony 10.3.1.
I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up some sort of directional constraint in this version of Harmony? So that if something’s peg is attached to another that has animation, I can use a directional constraint to ensure it’s always pointing to the thing I want it pointed to while it’s being taken for a ride by the thing it’s attached to.
You know what I mean?
Thank you

Nothing eh?
Say for example you wanted to do a robot that had hydraulic pistons at the joints? They had to expand and contract as the robot’s joints move. Can this be automated in this software?
This isn’t what I’m doing, but the principle is similar.
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Hey Morbott,

I think I understand what you are trying to achieve. Using only a hierarchy of pegs, this could be difficult to achieve. However, if you were to use the IK tool, setting a nail on the part that you don’t want to move could be a viable option. For more on the IK tool, check out the link below!

Let us know how it goes. : )

Thank you,
I’ll take a closer look.
So far, no luck though.