Constant line thickness

Is there any way in studio (8.1) to have constant line thickness for resizing and camera zoom? I found a post from 2009 that said Animate Pro has that but not Studio. Is that still the case in 2014?

If there is not a way to keep constant line thickness, is there a way I can select multiple elements and set the line thickness for all of them at once? I can select multiple elements a couple ways: by making them children of of a peg, or by using the animate tools select or transform, but none of these allow me to change line thickness. I have to select each element in timeline then change the line thickness one by one, which is rather a pain.

Interestingly when I resize multiple elements with the animation select or transform tool the new line thickness is used for all drawing tools from then on. For example if I resize smaller and draw a new ellipse the line for the new ellipse is thinner (the same thickness as the elements I just shrank) even though I have the same pen selected. The camera position and FOV are the same so something else has changed, but I can’t figure out what.

Ah…it’s the peg scale that changed so any child element of that peg has that scale, thus any new drawing on a child will have that scale. New drawings on elements that are not children of the peg do have the correct line thickness for the current pen.

So that still leaves - Is there a way to select multiple elements and change the line thickness of them all at once instead of having to select and change them one by one?