Constant Crashing


I just installed TBS Express for the Mac today. I am running 10.3.6 and the software is constantly crashing. Has anyone else run into this problem and what solutions have you found? Is there some setting that I have to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated



Hey. Thanks for responding. I can’t believe I am having this problem. The version I bought was 1.2. TBS is great software but this experience definitely makes me reluctant to invest in the full version.

Moho is a great program and is a company of ONE person. Now how can one person be constantly creating fixes and updates for user’s concerns, but an industry leader in animation can’t even create an update for their software to run properly on a current OS? I have searched the site and found nothing.

I e-mailed the tech guys to see if there is something on the site that I am possibly missing. I don’t know if they will even respond since I do not have a support contract.

The software itself is super cool. The only problem is that it doesn’t work. And with Tiger coming out in the first quarter of '05, I am not going to purchase TBS until I am certain that it will run properly on the new OS.

Do you have any problems with 2.5 on your system? How long have you been using it?

Thanks a bunch for responding!


I am on a brand new 2.5 GHz G5 with 10.3.6 and just downloaded TBSE and am experiencing a lot of crashes too.
It doesn’t seem to follow rhyme or reason. You can do the same procedure one time and things will be fine, and do it again and it will crash.

I have to take back what I said earlier about a lack of response from TB. I just got an e-mail from someone at tech support. They admit that 1.21 is glitchy on Panther and they have an update (1.22) which a tech support sent me a link to download.

If you are having problems in Pather, e-mail their support dept and see what they can do. As I learned, it never hurts to ask.

I am running the new 1.22 version with no problems so far.

Good luck to anyone else using 1.21 on Panther.

Thanks for all the help! I really enjoyed the software so far (other than the constant crashes.) I hope that this update solves everything.

Now a question for 2.5 Mac users…

Is there any way to use the Flash Importer with 2.5. I know that is possible with Express. Is it possible to save your 2.5 project as an earlier version and then import it into Flash?


Greetings everyone,

I just want to tell you guys that we now distribute Toon Boom Studio Express 1.2.2 from our website. It is not an official release yet but I encourage every TBS Express users running Mac OS X.3 Panther to download it and give it a try. There is no new features but only bug fixes. I do not recommend TBS Express users that don’t have any problems to upgrade to 1.2.2.

You can find TBS Express 1.2.2 for Panther here:

Also, segts it’s funny that you ask about the TBSi for TBS 2.5 for Mac because we just finished it today! The quality assurance team should give to go next week. So TBS 2.5 users … stay tooned.

Have a great week end everyone !

Thank you very much for announcing this! I have been enjoying using Express even with the crashes but I’m definitely looking forward to getting some serious work done now.
Thanks again.

Uh oh. It’s a day later and while this release is more stable, I am still experiencing problems. Now there are intermittent lockups in addition to occational crashes…again, no identical activity is taking place when it happens.
I would be happy to send the OS X crash log if it would be any help in tracking down what the Panther problems are.

Hi there,

Thanks for the report Stephen ! I would like to invite everyone using TBS Express 1.2.2 on Panther to send me crash reports to These reports are generated by the Mac OS X when an application quits “Unexpectedly”.

Your help is greatly appreciated !

Thank you,

Any headway on determining what is causing the crashing? Is there another bug fix version on the way? Toon Boom still crashes for me about every 5th -10th click. If I sent in every log report it would be about a phone book in size…