Consolidate Color Pallettes

Hello there! Been using Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2 for about a year now, first time posting on the forums!
I’m just wondering if there is a way to consolidate multiple color palettes into a single color palette. I’ve got a character rig that I’ve been updating with new drawings and saving copies of (on ver. 07 now) and I’ve got a few unnecessary duplicate palettes in there.
I guess the reason I have extra palettes is because when I made new drawings in the scene files I just used the Default Line color in the default scene Palette… From now on I should make sure I switch to the correct color palette before I make new drawings…

Not sure if I understand well what you are trying to do but you can copy the color pots from one palette and Paste as Clone in another palette. This way you don’t loose the ID number for those color pots and your drawings will still find the right colors.

If you just did Paste as New Colors it would assign new ID numbers in the other palette. This would create problems when you remove the unnecessary palette from the Palette-list.